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Despite the crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, aerospace sales in 2023 are once again at the same level as in 2018, according to McKinsey. And this trend is going upward. This is because this industry is particularly open to new technologies and digitalization. It is a so-called “early adopter” of Industry 4.0.

At the same time, the pressure is particularly great in this industry to offer and research sustainable alternatives to common fuels such as kerosene. Likewise in terms of weight reduction and efficiency improvement. Supply chains also need to adapt to the growing interest. Finally, professionals must simultaneously be able to meet a growing market and lead the industry into the future.

BENOMIK is a recruitment consultancy with experienced recruiters for the specific challenges of the aerospace industry.  We can find management positions with executive search, as well as specialists and engineers in middle management. Our multi-channel search and a database of over 770,000 candidates support us in this endeavour.

Optimizing fuel consumption

To reduce CO₂ emissions, alternative fuels have been on the market for years. Here, biomass is blended with conventional kerosene in various forms as so-called "drop-in fuel." Already in use is a bio-kerosene HEFA produced by hydrogenation of vegetable oils (Hydroprocessed Esters & Fatty Acids). Hydrogen and electricity-based fuels are also being explored.

Turbines, that burn a more significant amount of fuel faster, are being tested for engine efficiency. This requires materials that are extremely heat-resistant. Research in this area has also been going on for a long time. Modern high-bypass engines both reduce fuel consumption and cut CO₂ emissions.

Furthermore, materials such as synthetic fibre with carbon (CFRP) are being tested, leading to a reduction in the weight of the aircraft. Since research has been optimizing aerospace in this way for years, it will always be one step ahead in the future. 


Digitization has already been realized in the aviation industry. This ranges from the networking of airports and air traffic control to the supply chain of suppliers. Internet check-in and digital travel agencies pave the way for increasingly personalized customer orientation. 

This also explains the industry's openness to further innovations and can be seen as a pioneer of Industry 4.0. Automated production, 3-D printing and robotics will be incorporated into production.


Just as passenger transportation is in demand in the civilian sector, aviation is also in high demand in the military and medical sectors. Drones and helicopters are increasingly being used in both sectors. One example here would be rescue helicopters for Search and Rescue (SAR).

Space travel is not only developing with Elon Musk into the field of private (albeit still extremely cost-intensive) tourism. At the same time, planets are being explored for possible settlement or use (terraforming). Satellites and spacecraft are already indispensable, both technically (GPS) and scientifically. 

Professional Search

To meet this market of the future with future technologies, the aerospace industry needs the right personnel. BENOMIK takes care of the complete recruitment process outsourcing. A profiled selection of positions in your company will save countless resources in the long run. You are welcome to contact us!


3 reasons to work with us

Expertise & Network

Our recruiting teams fill positions in areas in which they are experts and are part of the industry / community.
Huge active network and over 770.000 contacts in our database


85% of the presented candidates are invited by the client for an interview.
Ø 4 candidates until successful filling of the position.

Digital Search Process

Multi-Channel: We also find "hidden candidates" through our complete, cross-channel screening of the entire market.
We know the important trends and use and develop the best tools and processes.


First interviews with the customer within 30 days.
Successful casting on average after 89 days.

Excellent Service

We are service-oriented and take the work of recruiting off your shoulders and let you concentrate on your core business.
We are flexible, understand your expectations and implement them so that we can achieve success together.


Weekly Jour Fixe (status update based on KPIs, candidate presentation, feedback and market observations).

Detailed evaluation after multi-level assessment (confidential report).

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Die Recruiter von BENOMIK unterstützen und begleiten uns im gesamten Recruitingprozess sehr kompetent, zügig und professionell. Die Darstellung und Qualität der Profile sowie die regelmäßigen Jour-Fixe-Termine ermöglichen eine effiziente Kandidatenauswahl. Jedoch nicht nur fachlich, sondern auch in Bezug auf unsere Unternehmenskultur, gelingt es BENOMIK, perfekte Matches zu generieren.

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