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System Engineer: Bridging the Gap between Man and Machine 

System engineers of industry 4.0 are working on ways to make the industry more efficient and effective. So they are responsible for designing and implementing automated systems that can optimise and manage the production process. They are also working on ways to improve communication between machines and humans, as well as between machines and other machines. This will help to improve the flow of information and the overall efficiency of the industry. Additionally, system engineers of industry 4.0 are working on ways to make machines more intelligent so that they can better understand and respond to the needs of humans. They work with the latest technologies to create integrated systems that can respond quickly to changes in the market or production environment.

BENOMIK is your headhunter for Industry 4.0 and specialises in the field of systems engineering among other specialist areas of the digital industry. Thanks to our algorithmic multichannel search, we guarantee maximum coverage as well as the fastest possible job placement. Through our process, we also find the "hidden candidates" of Industry 4.0.

What is the difference between system engineers and lead engineers of the industry 4.0?

The main distinction between system engineers and lead engineers of industry 4.0 is that system engineers are responsible for the overall system, while lead engineers are responsible for specific subsystems. They work with system engineers to ensure that their subsystem meets the requirements of the overall system. System engineers must have a broad understanding of all aspects of the system in order to ensure that it functions as a whole, while lead engineers can focus on specific areas of expertise. 

In industry 4.0, lead engineers are typically responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of new systems and technologies. System engineers, on the other hand, are responsible for ensuring that the system as a whole can operate effectively and efficiently.

System engineers typically have more experience and training than lead engineers.

Lead engineers on the other side have often a more specialised knowledge than system engineers, as they focus on a specific area of the system. For example, lead engineers in the automotive industry might have expertise in engine design, while lead engineers in the aerospace industry might focus on aircraft propulsion. Lead engineers typically have less experience than system engineers, as they are often recent graduates of engineering programs.

Systems engineering is a field that has been around for many years, and it is becoming increasingly important in the industry 4.0 era. With the advent of new technologies, systems are becoming more complex, and it is essential to have someone who understands how all the parts of the system work together. Lead engineers are also important in this new era, as they can provide specialised knowledge and expertise in specific areas. 

What skills do system engineers of the industry 4.0 need?

System engineers of the industry 4.0 need to have skills in the following areas:

  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Big data management
  • Machine learning
  • Software development
  • IoT integration
  • Cloud computing
  • Security

These are just some of the skills that system engineers of the industry 4.0 need to have. They also need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and must be able to understand complex systems and how they work together. Hereby, system engineers have to be able to work with the latest technologies and have a good understanding of how they can be used in the production process. With these skills, they will be able to develop and maintain systems that are secure, efficient, and effective.


Are you looking for secure, efficient and effective systems that will help your company to succeed? BENOMIK will find the right system engineers for your system. On average, we achieve a placement in only 12 weeks. This is possible because Europe's largest recruitment network of over 770,000 professionals enables us to do so. Give it a try!


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Expertise & Network

Our recruiting teams fill positions in areas in which they are experts and are part of the industry / community.
Huge active network and over 770.000 contacts in our database


85% of the presented candidates are invited by the client for an interview.
Ø 4 candidates until successful filling of the position.

Digital Search Process

Multi-Channel: We also find "hidden candidates" through our complete, cross-channel screening of the entire market.
We know the important trends and use and develop the best tools and processes.


First interviews with the customer within 30 days.
Successful casting on average after 89 days.

Excellent Service

We are service-oriented and take the work of recruiting off your shoulders and let you concentrate on your core business.
We are flexible, understand your expectations and implement them so that we can achieve success together.


Weekly Jour Fixe (status update based on KPIs, candidate presentation, feedback and market observations).

Detailed evaluation after multi-level assessment (confidential report).

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The recruiters at BENOMIK support and accompany us throughout the entire recruiting process very competently, quickly and professionally. The presentation and quality of the profiles as well as the regular jour fixe appointments enable an efficient candidate selection. However, not only professionally, but also in terms of our corporate culture, BENOMIK succeeds in generating perfect matches.

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