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The telecommunications industry is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies. To keep up with the competition, companies need to use Industry 4.0 methods to improve their services. Industry 4.0 includes the use of sensors, big data, and cloud computing to optimise manufacturing processes. Sensors can help identify problems before they cause disruptions.  It also makes it possible to track and optimise production processes. Big data serves as an improvement of customer service. And cloud computing can improve service delivery.  By using these technologies, telecommunications companies can improve their service quality and customer satisfaction. Aside from the customer side, Industry 4.0 technology also helps telecommunications companies work better. It helps to manage and connect devices, data, and people in real time. This results in a way more efficient and productive workplace.

And of course, there are some challenges too for telecommunications companies. One challenge is the cost of implementing these technologies. Upgrading existing infrastructure and systems to make it compatible with Industry 4.0 technology is the next. Followed by the challenge of the need to train employees on how to use these new technologies and understand the processes.

The future of Industry 4.0 in telecommunications is very promising. As more companies adopt these technologies, they will become more widespread and easier to use. The benefits above speak for themselves. Therefore, Industry 4.0 is an essential part of the future of telecommunications.

BENOMIK is the recruitment agency for professionals in the field of Industry 4.0 and specialises, among other things, in the telecommunications sector. We are the largest personnel network in Europe with over 770,000 active contacts. For that reason, we guarantee maximum market coverage as well as the fastest possible staffing of open positions.

5G—a key building block of the next generation of Industry 4.0 

The fifth generation of mobile telecommunications technology (5G) is an upcoming standard for wireless networks. It is expected to provide a significant increase in the speed and capacity of wireless data networks, as well as reduced latency. The current state of 5G in the field of telecommunications is that there are many pilots and proofs of concept underway, but there is no clear timeline for when 5G will be widely available. In the meantime, 4G LTE networks are being upgraded to provide faster speeds and more capacity.

5G technology promises a number of potential benefits for industrial applications. These include higher data rates, lower latency, and improved reliability. 5G could enable new applications such as real-time monitoring of industrial equipment, augmented reality for maintenance and training, and remote control of machinery.

The deployment of 5G networks is complex and expensive, and there are still many technical challenges to overcome. Nonetheless, the potential benefits of 5G for Industry 4.0 applications make it a worthwhile area of investment for many companies.

5G and optical-fibre requirements

The deployment of optical fibre in the telecommunications industry is also expected to grow in the coming years, as 5G networks begin to roll out. 5G requires fibre-rich network infrastructures. Optical fibre is being used to increase bandwidth and capacity. It offers many advantages over traditional copper wiring, including higher bandwidth and capacity, longer distance transmission, and greater resistance to interference. It is also less expensive to deploy and maintain than copper wiring.

In the context of Industry 4.0, the use of optical fibre is expected to grow as more and more data is generated by factories and other industrial facilities. This increase in data traffic will require higher bandwidth and capacity, which optical fibre can provide. 

We at BENOMIK are your reliable recruitment agency and specialist for the digitalization of industrial companies. We find and inspire experts in the field of telecommunications to join your company.


3 reasons to work with us

Expertise & Network

Our recruiting teams fill positions in areas in which they are experts and are part of the industry / community.
Huge active network and over 770.000 contacts in our database


85% of the presented candidates are invited by the client for an interview.
Ø 4 candidates until successful filling of the position.

Digital Search Process

Multi-Channel: We also find "hidden candidates" through our complete, cross-channel screening of the entire market.
We know the important trends and use and develop the best tools and processes.


First interviews with the customer within 30 days.
Successful casting on average after 89 days.

Excellent Service

We are service-oriented and take the work of recruiting off your shoulders and let you concentrate on your core business.
We are flexible, understand your expectations and implement them so that we can achieve success together.


Weekly Jour Fixe (status update based on KPIs, candidate presentation, feedback and market observations).

Detailed evaluation after multi-level assessment (confidential report).

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Die Recruiter von BENOMIK unterstützen und begleiten uns im gesamten Recruitingprozess sehr kompetent, zügig und professionell. Die Darstellung und Qualität der Profile sowie die regelmäßigen Jour-Fixe-Termine ermöglichen eine effiziente Kandidatenauswahl. Jedoch nicht nur fachlich, sondern auch in Bezug auf unsere Unternehmenskultur, gelingt es BENOMIK, perfekte Matches zu generieren.

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