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BENOMIK is your recruitment agency for experts in the field of Consulting for Industry 4.0

In the Industry 4.0, there are many new and innovative ways for companies to succeed: Robotics, cyber-physical systems, internet of things, big data and analytics, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, 3d printing, 5G and beyond–the possibilities are intense.

That's why consultants play an important role in Industry 4.0. They help companies identify opportunities and trends, and they provide advice on how to best take advantage of them. In addition, consultants can help companies implement new technologies and processes. Ultimately, consultants can help companies improve their bottom line.

There are different types of consulting services, and the type of service you need will depend on your specific needs. Some of the most popular types of consulting services include:

  • Strategic consulting: This type of consulting helps companies develop long-term plans and strategies.
  • Operational consulting: An operational consultancy helps companies improve their operations by boosting their performance and efficiency
  • IT consulting: This helps companies with their IT needs, such as choosing the right software or hardware.
  • Marketing consulting: This form of consultancy aids businesses in developing and implementing marketing strategies.

BENOMIK is the HR consultancy for Industry 4.0 professionals and is among others specialized in the field of consulting. Based on many years of experience as a personnel consultant and our algorithmic multi-channel search, we find suitable experts in the shortest possible time (12 weeks on average). In doing so, we guarantee maximum market coverage, which also finds the "hidden candidates" of Industry 4.0. We achieve this market coverage through our database with over 770,000 active candidates - the largest in Europe when it comes to recruiting.

Exciting Trends in Industry 4.0

Current and upcoming trends include a focus on data and analytics, increased use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and agile methodology, and of course a focus on digital transformation, which is at the heart of Industry 4.0. Cybersecurity has also taken on new importance as increased connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) provide more attack surfaces.

On the less technological side, we can see that the human element is becoming more prominent. In this regard, more attention is being paid to the customer experience, as new solutions can make the customer experience more personalized. Sustainability and social aspects are also coming more to the fore and are promising and naturally compelling due to their long-term benefits.

How to choose the right Industry 4.0 consultant

When choosing an Industry 4.0 consulting expert, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Consultants should have profound experience in Industry 4.0 and be familiar with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Expertise: Consultants should be experts in the area you need help with, such as strategy, operations, marketing, or IT.
  • Reputation: The consultant should have a good reputation and be able to provide references from satisfied clients.

There is no doubt that consulting will rise in Industry 4.0. As the world becomes more connected, companies will need to increasingly rely on consultants to help them stay ahead of the curve. In addition, the demand for consultants who are experts in new technologies and processes is expected to grow.

Be prepared for the things that are coming down the road. We at BENOMIK are your reliable HR consultancy and help with the digitalization of industrial companies. We take care of the whole hiring process as well as the complete candidate journey management to find the right talent for your vacancies.


3 reasons to work with us

Expertise & Network

Our recruiting teams fill positions in areas in which they are experts and are part of the industry / community.
Huge active network and over 770.000 contacts in our database


85% of the presented candidates are invited by the client for an interview.
Ø 4 candidates until successful filling of the position.

Digital Search Process

Multi-Channel: We also find "hidden candidates" through our complete, cross-channel screening of the entire market.
We know the important trends and use and develop the best tools and processes.


First interviews with the customer within 30 days.
Successful casting on average after 89 days.

Excellent Service

We are service-oriented and take the work of recruiting off your shoulders and let you concentrate on your core business.
We are flexible, understand your expectations and implement them so that we can achieve success together.


Weekly Jour Fixe (status update based on KPIs, candidate presentation, feedback and market observations).

Detailed evaluation after multi-level assessment (confidential report).

Was unsere Partner:innen über uns sagen

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Die Recruiter von BENOMIK unterstützen und begleiten uns im gesamten Recruitingprozess sehr kompetent, zügig und professionell. Die Darstellung und Qualität der Profile sowie die regelmäßigen Jour-Fixe-Termine ermöglichen eine effiziente Kandidatenauswahl. Jedoch nicht nur fachlich, sondern auch in Bezug auf unsere Unternehmenskultur, gelingt es BENOMIK, perfekte Matches zu generieren.

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